Professional female poker players

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Professional Female Poker Players

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Two sexiest girls on the poker tournament


Matt recently went to dinner with a bunch of poker friends. The gender of someone playing poker makes no difference.

Harman was the first woman to win two World Series of Poker gold bracelets. She is part of the professional team of poker players at Full Tilt Poker.

IN is launching in July. So in order for you to get acquainted with the best poker-playing women, OnlinePoker10 presents you with the list of Top 10 female poker players.

Women in Poker

With each passing year, more and more women are achieving notable success in the poker world. She quit her job and began playing, first online and then at live poker games. The former PokerStars Team Pro is a busy mother, writer and TV personality that we expect to be a force in the game for years to come. She quickly realised this was her passion and has focused on her poker playing career since graduating.

InAllyn, her husband Barry, and stepson Jeff, were the first family in history of poker to have three family members at a World Series of Poker final table during the same summer series. Jul 23,4: She has accumulated many nicknames in her long, stellar poker career. Because, due to variance, what matters in the long run is how well you play, not how much you win or lose in any given session.

Featured Poker Player

Five tips for aspiring poker players Study to improve your game - There is lots of free learning material online, always keep an eye out for new content and stay updated. This way you can form your own opinion and in the process, you may find a new interest that could change your life too.

Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman may be called the living poker legends. Women and poker are inseparable. Who is Manuel Ruivo?

In my opinion, online poker is the best place to start, you can enjoy it alongside any other commitments you may have, as a recreational hobby, that is relaxing and can be rewarding. What got you interested in poker? According to Annette, she never made a deposit into an online poker room, building her bankroll from nothing by playing the freerolls. I used to like watching poker games with my dad, but it was only after college, while helping my mother with her NGO, that I found poker and started playing it for free on Facebook.

Getty Some would argue this would actually improve basketball. These people are deadly serious.

They make their living beating up on the wannabe pros dumb enough to take them on. Continue Reading Below Advertisement My buddy Matt once got into a hour-long heads-up one-on-one match with another pro.

For anyone that may be curious about poker but has their doubts, my recommendation is to learn how to play and try the game out for yourself. At just 50 years of age, she is proving that her game is as sharp as ever and we expect to see consistent performances from her for years to come.

Otherwise, the Peter Principle will destroy you.

How does it feel? We had a chance to talk to her and ask Gillian Epp 20 questions about her poker career. Liv Boeree studied Astrophysics before starting a poker career at the age of Continue Reading Below Basically, picture this: Jennifer Harman is married to Marco Traniello who is a professional poker player as well. Her poker background has benefited her in this arena as some view her as a favorite to win Big Brother Why do you think there is a lack of interest among women in poker, at a professional level?

And you get shot if you finish in last place.

Do you remember your first game of poker? She was the last woman standing at the event, finishing 38 th out of a field of more than 6, players. Mimi Tran Go to top April 1.

She balanced her career and being a mum while she learned to play poker at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. Gillian initially took to the tables as a dealer in a local casino, but soon realized that there was more money to be made actually playing the game. Her breakout event was the WPT Championship where she bubbled the final table.

Kathy Liebert has been on the poker scene sincebut she is still a regular at the major poker tournaments. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Did any of that make sense to you?

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Clonie Gowen Go to top October 1. Female poker players have proved that they are also good in the game and can compete against the top-class poker-playing men. I started reading, watching videos and assimilating information available on social media on how to play the game.

Jennifer was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in In conversation with this correspondent, Sethi, who believes there is no profession in which women cannot dominate, shares insights into what got her interested in poker, reasons behind so little of women seen in the game and her own future aspirations. Getty Needless to say, he barely got away with his pants unwedgied.

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Top Female Poker Players in the World. There are numerous other poker tournaments organized only for women to play at all over the world.


These are just some of the most talented female poker players around today, and you probably have additional nominations to be included in such a prestigious list. My plan for the future is to become even better at poker and win a big tournament, along with finishing my social work projects.

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This is the type of single-minded, obsessive dedication required just to get good enough at poker to do it for a living, let alone actually excel at it. Continue Reading Below Advertisement And since becoming numb to losses is part of the game, that extends beyond the poker table.

Social stigma attached to cards can be a barrier. Remember how anal retentive poker players are about their play stats? Getty The same could not be said for strip poker.


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